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Water Damage

Water Damage Repairs by Perth's Trusted Insurance Builders

More than just Building and Insurance repairs

Rebuild Group specialises in the inspection and repair of residential and commercial properties affected by water damage. Water damage can be caused by a number of different factors including burst or cracked pipes, water ingress through roofs or even leaking taps. With over 60 years’ combined experience working across Perth’s insurance and general building industries, our trained Supervisors can efficiently diagnose the cause of water damage, accurately reporting and quoting on the most cost-effective remedial measures.

Service Advantages

Efficient Assessment and Reporting

With a depth of experience spanning across all areas of building, electrical and plumbing, our team can quickly and efficiently identify the cause of water damage, usually without the delays that can be encountered by the need to bring in additional, specialist trades. We pride ourselves on our problem-solving abilities and have regularly been called upon to locate the source of water damage others have been unable to identify.

Cost-Effective Solutions

Unlike many other Perth insurance repairers, at Rebuild Group, we make it a priority to recommend the most cost-effective methods of repairing properties affected by water damage. Via our subsidiary company, Covet Cabinets, for example, we utilise the ‘cut and shut’ method to seamlessly repair water damaged cabinets without the need to replace entire sections of cabinetry. Our approach not only saves our clients money, but also expediates the process for policy holders whilst ensuring they receive the high-quality results they expect.

Emergency Water Damage Repairs

Rebuild Group offers emergency repair services for Perth homes or businesses requiring urgent address of water leaks. Whether relating to storm damage, burst pipes or a leaking roof, we’re able to quickly assess the situation and take the immediately required preventative measures to prevent further damage from occurring, pending the final repair works.