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Malicious Damage

Malicious Damage Repairs by Perth's Trusted Insurance Builders

More than just Building and Insurance repairs

Malicious damage, that is damage brought about through criminal activity, can leave policy holders feeling extremely vulnerable and insecure in their own homes or places of business. Rebuild Group offers caring, respectful and efficient malicious damage repair services right across Perth’s CBD, suburbs and regional areas.

Service Advantages

Prompt, Emergency Repairs

Rebuild Group provides emergency repair services to assist policy holders whose properties have been affected by malicious damage. Malicious damage is usually the result of burglary or attempted break-in. Either way, it generally results on policy holders feeling very uneasy and concerned over the security of their property. Rebuild Group’s emergency teams provide reassurance to policy holders, during what are often difficult circumstances, undertaking temporary repairs, arranging new locks and generally securing the property pending final works.

Trusted and Professional Trades

Rebuild Group relies only on licensed, insured and fully qualified trades, most of whom have worked with us over many years. All our trades understand our high standards as well the professional, courteous and respectful conduct we expect of them when dealing with policy holders and their properties. All malicious damage repair claims are also overseen by one of our Supervisors who is responsible for quality control and keeping our clients, their policy holders and all other relevant parties informed throughout the repairs process.

Residential and Commercial Repairs

At Rebuild Group, our team has over 60 years’ combined experience undertaking malicious damage repairs across all manner of Perth residential and commercial properties. From apartments, town houses and rural properties through to factories, office blocks and schools we pride ourselves on our ability to source specialty materials to match existing surrounds as well as recommending the most cost-effective methods of carrying out repairs.