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Impact Damage

Impact Damage Repairs by Perth's Trusted Insurance Builders

More than just Building and Insurance repairs

The majority of impact damage to Perth properties is caused by vehicles but can also be caused by trees or other structures falling onto buildings, particularly during storms. Impact damage can be particularly traumatic for residents because it is immediate, without warning and often the cause of extensive damage to their home or commercial building. Rebuild Group specialises in providing personalised, efficient and cost-effective impact repair services for residential and commercial properties across metropolitan and regional Perth.

Service Advantages

Caring and Respectful

As a long-running, family-owned business, we understand the trauma that can be experienced by families following impact damage to their home. We are committed to conducting thorough assessments of homes affected by impact damage whilst ensuring we treat policy holders with kindness, respect and sensitivity. Not only does this ensure policy holders are made to feel comfortable during what is often a difficult time for them, but it also positively contributes to furthering the professional reputation of our insurance agency clients.


Specialising in insurance repairs, we understand the importance of keeping our clients, their policy holders and our trade partners fully informed throughout every claim process. We maintain strict, internal processes that enable us to immediately identify every job’s status, review which trades and have been scheduled and easily communicate the required information to all relevant parties. We also allocate a qualified and experienced Building Supervisor to every job to ensure our clients and their policy holders enjoy a consistent, single point of contact and accountability from the initial claim lodgement through to completion of works.

Cost-Saving Solutions

At Rebuild Group, we pride ourselves on our ability to think innovatively in establishing the most cost-effective methods for repairing and rebuilding properties affected by impact damage. With decades of experience across Perth’s insurance repair and building industries, we’ve worked on a diverse range of residential and commercial properties and are adept at matching materials to ensure seamless and high-quality results for policy holders which are also designed to save our clients money.

Emergency Impact Damage Repairs

Rebuild Group provides emergency repair services, temporarily securing Perth homes or businesses that have been affected by impact damage. As required, we’re able to send out an emergency team to secure the property, board up damaged sections, as required, and clear any potential hazards, pending final repair works.