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Fire Damage

Fire Damage Repairs by Perth's Trusted Insurance Builders

More than just Building and Insurance repairs

The damage caused to a property by fire can be extensive. Obviously, there is the destruction caused by the fire itself but there is also often further damage caused by smoke, soot and water to contend with as well. Rebuild Group specialises in handling everything from small, residential fire damage repairs through to near complete rebuilds of large commercial properties, right across metropolitan and regional Perth.

Service Advantages

Thorough Assessment of Damage

Damage caused by fire and smoke can extend beyond the immediate vicinity of the fire itself. Due to rising heat, damage not immediately visible may occur in roof cavity spaces and pose a threat to the future structural integrity of a building if not properly addressed. At Rebuild Group, we rely on specialist equipment, as well as our extensive experience repairing fire-damaged properties, to ensure we efficiently assess and report on all areas affected following a fire.

Clear and Accurate Quoting and Reporting

Following our inspection of a property affected by fire, we prepare a comprehensive, easy to understand report that details all our findings together with an accurate, itemised quote on the scope of works required to repair the property. Our reporting includes a detailed assessment of exactly which structures and materials can be salvaged and repaired and which require outright replacement. We also include allowances for general cleaning and odour removal to ensure properties are left completely free of all traces of the fire upon the completion of works.

Salvage and Repair Experts

At Rebuild Group, we specialise in identifying the most cost-effective methods of repairing properties affected by fire damage. We rely on our vast network of trade partners and specialty suppliers to ensure all parts of a building that can be salvaged are expertly repaired, as opposed to being completely replaced. We go the extra mile in sourcing difficult to find materials, ensuring newly repaired areas of the property seamlessly tie in with the existing spaces unaffected by fire damage. This not only saves our insurance agency clients money, but also shortens the overall repair time and periods of disruption for policy holders.

Water Damage Specialists

Because we also specialise in water damage, Rebuild Group can handle all aspects of insurance claims relating to fire damage repairs. In some cases, the damage caused by water can be more extensive than those areas directly affected by flames. Our qualified Building Supervisors have considerable experience assessing, reporting on and executing repairs relating to water damage across all manner of Perth residential and commercial buildings. Having worked on many strata-titled buildings such as apartments and office buildings, we also have a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced in remediating both fire and water damage across multi-tenanted buildings.

Emergency Fire Damage Repairs

Rebuild Group offers emergency repair services for Perth homes or businesses requiring urgent fire damage repairs. Where a property is still structurally habitable, but sections of it are unsafe due to damage or fumes, we’re able to despatch an emergency team within hours of a claim’s lodgement, as required, to section off damaged areas, address air quality and generally make the property safe until the claim is properly assessed and final works carried out.