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Cabinet Making

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More than just Building and Insurance repairs

In addition to providing high-quality, competitively priced insurance and general building services, Rebuild Group also offers professional cabinetry design, manufacture, installation and repairs via our subsidiary company, Covet Cabinets. Over many decades working in Perth’s insurance and general building industries, we found that cabinets were one of the most common fittings affected by water damage, fire damage or simply general wear-and-tear. Prior to establishing Covet Cabinets, we were frequently required to bring in specialist cabinet makers as part of a larger insurance claim, renovation or construction project. We soon identified the benefits that would come from having greater control over this process which is when we began our own cabinet making business in 2009.

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Service Advantages

All Types of Cabinets

Covet Cabinets specialises in designing, fabricating, installing and repairing all manner of cabinets suitable for kitchens, bathrooms, laundries and living rooms. They work with a trusted network of reputable suppliers, including Proform, Modern Form Doors, Lincoln Sentry Group and Blum and can design the perfect cabinetry solutions for all styles and budgets. From low-cost repairs or selective replacements right through to complete, designer kitchens and bathrooms, they pride themselves on offering a truly personalised service to every client.

Save Time and Money

Whether relating to insurance claims or private construction projects, the fact that Rebuild Group operates its own cabinet making business often means we’re able to save our clients considerable time and money. The Covet Cabinets and Rebuild Group teams work hand-in-hand to deliver cohesive, cost-effective and efficiently managed outcomes for our clients, whilst also sparing them the inconvenience of having to employ additional cabinet makers on their project.

Quality Workmanship

The Covet Cabinets team is genuinely passionate about what they do. They’re sticklers for quality and ensure every cabinet they install or repair is finished to the highest standards. Covet Cabinets also specialises in the ‘cut and shut’ repair method which enables damaged cabinets to be repaired cost-effectively, without the need to replace the surrounding cabinetry.