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Our Difference

what sets us apart

Having worked extensively in the insurance and general building industries prior to establishing Rebuild Group, we set about building a business that offered clients a genuine alternative to Perth’s existing building repair services. Here’s what sets us apart from other builders:

Insurance Repair Specialists
We specialise in offering a bespoke building repair service tailored to the insurance industry. We have considerable experience providing innovative, cost-effective and high-quality building and repair solutions across properties affected by storm damage, impact damage, water or fire damage, malicious damage and burglary.

We Save Our Clients Money
At Rebuild Group, we pride ourselves on delivering building and repair services which, not only exceed the expectations of policy holders, but also genuinely save our clients money. As our name suggests, we are highly skilled at identifying the most cost-effective methods of rebuilding and repairing, as opposed to completely replacing, resulting in efficient results for policy holders and competitive prices for our insurance agency clients.

Service Focused
Across our entire business, we make it a priority to give our clients what they need. Whether relating to our building work itself or our inspection services, quoting, reporting or communication, we strive to be approachable, accessible and proactive in dealing with our clients. Regardless of size, we approach every job innovatively, continually looking for creative ways to deliver the highest quality results in the most efficient ways.

Honesty and Integrity
We pride ourselves on our honesty and integrity relating to, not only our work, but also our pricing. We provide clear, easy to understand quotes that are fully itemised to ensure our clients have complete transparency over all the elements necessary to complete a job. We also maintain strict quality control measures as well as meticulous processes that enable us to immediately identify, and communicate to all relevant parties, the current status of every job we’re involved with.

Our qualified team has over 60 years’ combined experience, working across a diverse range of insurance building and general building environments. We’re adept at everything from small, residential repairs through to large-scale commercial construction projects. We rely only on fully qualified and insured trade partners, the majority of whom have been working with us over many years. Our experience enables us to assess claims and prepare accurate quotes as efficiently as possible, usually without incurring the delays associated with bringing in specialist trades for pricing.

As specialist insurance builders, we understand the quality of our work, as well as our conduct, reflects upon the reputation of our clients. For this reason, we make it a priority to be punctual and always treat policy holders, our trade partners and any other site visitors with courtesy and respect. We conduct ourselves in a friendly, down to earth way and ensure our work sites are maintained in a safe, tidy and orderly manner.