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Insurance Claim FAQs

frequently asked questions

Damage has a occurred at my property, what’s the first step?
Contact your insurer as soon as you can. Take photos and prepare an itemised list of all visible damage as well as a detailed description of what you believe caused the damage.

If your claim is as a result of water, fire, impact or storm damage, and you believe it may require urgent attention, notify your insurer so they can determine if any temporary or emergency repairs are needed to ensure your property is safe and secure.

What is an excess?
An excess is payment required to be made by policy holders at the time of making a claim and is part of most insurance policies. The amount of your excess will depend on your individual policy and is usually established when you first set up your policy with your insurer.

Why do I need to pay an excess?
Your insurer will notify you if your policy has a payable excess when you lodge your insurance claim. In many cases, the insurer will request that the builder collect the excess on their behalf. If this course of action is applicable to your policy, Rebuild Group will issue you with an excess notice detailing the amount due. Your excess must be paid prior to any works being scheduled.

How do I pay my excess?
If we are instructed to collect an excess payment on behalf of your insurer, Rebuild Group will issue you with an excess notice which must be paid within 14 days and prior to us commencing works on your property. Please contact us for information on accepted payment methods.

I have found additional damage that was not included in my initial assessment, am I covered?
If any new damage is found and brought to our attention that wasn’t present during the initial inspection, it will be assessed and reported to your insurer. If it is covered within the provisions of your current insurance policy and part of the same claim, it will be added to our scope of works, once authorised by your insurer.

I’ve been told maintenance is required at my property, is this covered?
During the initial assessment of your property, our Supervisors will determine whether any damage relating to your claim is as a result of general aging or wear and tear, rather than as a direct result of a claimable event. If this is the case, you will be advised that maintenance is required prior to any insurance related work being carried out and this work is generally not covered under your policy. Our trained Rebuild Group Supervisor will inform you at the time of the initial inspection whether any maintenance repairs are required, however we do not carry out general maintenance repairs.