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Claims Process

making it easier for our clients

Specialising in insurance repairs and building, we understand the importance of maintaining the appropriate processes that enable us to seamlessly manage multiple tasks as well as effectively communicate and report to our clients, their policy holders and our trade partners. Scroll below to see the process in which an individual claim is managed at Rebuild Group:

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1. Job Lodgement and Allocation

A request to quote or an inspection request is received by our client and assigned to one of our dedicated and experienced Building Supervisors. This Supervisor generally remains the ongoing, single point of contact for the client, policy holder and all other relevant parties throughout the job’s entire process.


2. Property Inspection

After contacting the policy holder to arrange a suitable time, Rebuild Group conducts a thorough property assessment, which may include an aerial drone inspection as necessary, identifying all required works as well as any immediate action necessary to make the property safe.


3. Make Safe Repairs

For properties deemed hazardous to occupants, other site visitors or the general public, Rebuild Group despatches an emergency repair crew to carry out the necessary repairs to make the property temporarily safe, pending final works.


4. Scope, Quotation and Report

Following our property inspection, we prepare a detailed scope of works, along with a fully itemised quotation (and damage report, as required) within 24 – 48 hours. Our quotes are clearly set out, easy to understand and provide our clients with complete transparency of all elements necessary for us to complete the job.


5. Claim Acceptance

After having accepted our scope of works and quote, our client confirms payment of the excess by the policy holder and provides formal sign-off on Rebuild Group beginning the repair process.